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Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

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    £75.92 - £90.00/day Negotiable


Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Are you an undergraduate uncertain about your career path? Do you have an interest in teaching but are unsure about the right direction to take? Maybe you're looking to gain some valuable industry experience whilst you're still undertaking your studies and make a little bit of extra on the side? Savvy Students we need you!

Consider exploring Undergraduate Teaching Assistant roles! These positions, whether day-to-day or short term provide you with the flexibility to test the teaching path and gain exposure to various schools. Here are some additional advantages:

A competitive and guaranteed weekly payment structure.
Access to a dedicated consultant.
Opportunities to network with local schools and academies.
The expertise of an established consultancy with 16 years of experience in our regions.Academics collaborates with local universities and supports graduates with qualifications in fields such as Education Studies, Criminology, Health and Social Care, Psychology, Childhood Studies, Maths and English. If you are studying one of these subjects and believe that you have what it takes to spead your knowlege and expertise onto the next generation - this is the perfect part time undergraduate teaching assistant.

If you seek guidance from our seasoned consultants or have an interest in exploring this career path, please don't hesitate to get in touch and click the "apply" button for this undergraduate Teaching Assistant

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