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Food Delivery Driver/Bike Courier

  • Job Location

    Locations throughout Manchester

  • Start date


  • Duration

    Own schedule

  • Job Benefits

    Delivery fee based on distance and driving time + tips


Deliver food with Just Eat and get paid. Delivery drivers and bike couriers work flexible hours and use an app to get notified of deliveries near them. It’s free to sign up and Just Eat doesn’t take any commission on fees.

You keep all the money you make: the delivery fee is based on distance and driving time. (You hear more information about this during the onboarding process.)

If a customer gives you a tip, you keep 100% of it.

You get paid via direct deposit at the end of each week.

You decide when and how often to work with Just Eat.

You need to indicate your availability in advance using the app. This helps Just Eat to ensure you’re busy during working hours. This requires some planning on your side, but it can result in a more regular flow of money.

You deliver a varied number of orders daily/weekly, depending on the demand and the length of your shift.


  • 18+ years old
  • Bike, Car, Moped, Scooter or Motorcycle
  • Car / Motorcycle insurance (if applicable)
  • Appropriate clothing; a helmet and protective clothing if you ride a motorbike/scooter
  • A smartphone compatible with the Just Eat app, a data plan, perhaps a charger;
  • A commercial grade thermal bag. (You can buy a thermal bag from Just Eat before you start delivering with them)

You work with Just Eat as an independent contractor, meaning you have to cover your travel expenses. You have to report any taxable income you make via Just Eat.

About us

Just Eat is the largest online food delivery company in the UK, working with a large pool of delivery drivers and bike couriers. You may join their network in London and earn money by delivering food from the city’s best restaurants. Delivery ...
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Copyright ©2006 - 2022. 247 Media Ltd.