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Berry Farm Cacancies 2020

As a result of the business impact of COVID-19, we know many people are looking for work and we have numerous seasonal vacancies available on our farms up and down the country. From fruit pickers and packers, to plant husbandry and forklift drivers, there are a wide range of roles available.

The UK government has classified workers under ‘food and other necessary goods’ as key workers. This includes people involved in the production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery of food. This means as a key worker you are able to travel to and from work.

Workers can live on the farm or travel in daily depending on your particular circumstances and the farm’s situation. All farms have good standards of accommodation which may be available to workers. They are usually permanent caravan style accommodation sleeping three or four people per unit. The charge for the accommodation is set at a maximum £52.85 per week for 2020, making it good value compared to private sector.

Pay varies depending on the specific job role, but hourly pay is underpinned by the national living wage or the national minimum wage and many jobs have a productivity bonus too. This means typical hourly pay ranges from £9.00 to £11.00 per hour and can be higher with earnings of up to £14 per hour being achievable for some staff.

Latest vacancies

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