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Paid Medical Clinical Trials

  • Job Location

    London Essex Cambridge

  • Start date

    Recruiting Now

  • Duration

    Up to 1 month

  • Job Benefits

    £3,000 - 15 Days


Earn Up To £,3000 for only 15 Days at London Essex Cambrige Clinical trials who recruit exclusivly for the the best london research clinic who conducts Flu Vaccine Research

The aim of these clinical trials is to develop new or better drugs or
vaccines to fight respiratory virus infections and hopefully save lives.
When dealing with colds, flu and other respiratory viruses it is
necessary to work inside a quarantine unit. Volunteers can expect:-

A very comfortable room, sharing with only one
other volunteer En-suite bathroom
Complimentary 'Welcome pack'
Wireless internet access
Three meals a day
TV Playstation
2 DVDs & games

Our clinical trials are conducted to the highest
standards and under Good Clinical Practice guidelines - an
International ethical and scientific quality standard for clinical

For inclusion into our database

You must be in good health, male and aged between 18 and 45 years old
You must successfully pass our telephone screening process
You will be asked to come to the clinic for a blood test to see if you have suffered from a respiratory virus recently, including colds
and flu, as this will exclude you from our studies

Our clinical trials require visits to our clinics. Some trials also
require you to stay in comfortable facilities for up to 15 days. There
is no compensation for inclusion into our database. You will be
reimbursed for your time and expenses if you qualify for entry, and
complete one of our clinical trials.


No Requirments Needed

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Copyright ©2006 - 2015. 247 Media Ltd.